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Treatment Modalities:

Acupuncture/ E-Stim (electro-acupuncture)


Acupuncture involves the insertion of hair-thin, sterile, single-use needles into specific places on your body. These "points"  treat a wide range of disorders, adopted by a trained practitioner for your chief complaints. It is mostly painless with the exception of a minor pinch upon insertion that quickly dissipates. Acupuncture is a highly relaxing and rejuvenating experience. The needles help to stimulate your body to release chemical messengers which stop the pain, promote healing, balance hormones, improve immune response, reduce inflammation and to feel better all the way around.  With E-Stim the practitioner connects small electrode wires to the needles which provide a constant vibrating stimulation. This technique is widely used even in Western medical clinics and is especially good for pain.


Chinese Herbs

A powerhouse portion of your treatment! Herbs have been used medicinally for thousands of years and in every culture in the world - many of the herbs prescribed are adaptogens, which are capable of adjusting to your bodies needs, while also boosting your energy and rebuilding your system from the inside out. The practitioner can help you feel better in the clinic setting, and your body can work hard for days after, but the herbs are prescribed to boost your treatment and provide faster healing and success rates in between treatments. They are specific to your constitution and ailments (instead of a one size fits all pill). They are meant to supplement a daily health plan so you can reach your goals faster.



One of the more widely known modalities of  Chinese Medicine - quickly growing in popularity and demand - especially among hard training athletes. Cupping is the practice of using glass, plastic or wooden cups suctioned to the skin (by heat or vacuum). Then we allow them to sit or to run them along the body (like a massage). To some, this practices looks painful, but I assure you it's not!  It's unbelievably relaxing and effective. Cupping often leaves red marks after treatment, which dissipate in 2-7 day. Cupping relieves muscle tension, stress and pain. It removes lactic acid build-up from the tissue  (a by-product of muscle tissue breakdown) & it brings fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients to your problem areas for quicker repair of the tissue.


Gua Sha/ Moxibustion

Gua Sha has similar benefits to cupping, - meaning they have the same action on the body.  The practitioner rubs a special hand tool across the skin until the desired pain relief is achieved. It can also be used when someone feels they are about to catch a cold and wants to boost their immune system. Moxibustion involves the use of burning the herb Ai Ye (Mugwort),  to warm specific points or areas of the body. The goal is to increase circulation, calm cold symptoms and & boost immunity. This technique is very useful for numbness (with cold), menstrual pain, diarrhoea and digestive disorders. Also great for reducing fat around the belly. 


Acupressure & Tuina

Acupressure is the simple technique of pressing on specific acupuncture points instead of inserting a needle into them. It can be used as an alternative to needling if someone has an intense phobia of needles - or as part of a normal treatment protocol. Essential oils are used to enhance the experience and boost success rates. Tuina is a form of medical massage used by practitioners in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and malfunction. Both methods are non-invasive and incredibly relaxing. They can be adopted for the patient to use at home, making them invaluable as treatment modalities.


Auricular & Addiction Treatment

Auricular is acupuncture treatment performed on the ears. Since the ear is a microsystem of the entire body it is useful for treating a myriad of disorders. This type of treatment is used in detox clinics around the world for people suffering any sort of addiction issue. It is a powerful treatment for weight loss, chronic pain, PTSD, drug or alcohol addiction, smoking cessation & other emotional disorders. Tiny needles are used in the clinic, while painless ear seeds (little seeds on tape) are applied as a take-home treatment.  

Other Treatment Options:

Lifestyle & Nutrition Counseling

Eastern medicine is most effective when the patient makes an effort to change destructive lifestyle habits. These "habits" take a huge toll on an individual's health and wellbeing. The practitioner will provide general lifestyle and nutrition counselling to help patients get the most out of their treatments. This is especially important for fertility patients and patients suffering from chronic conditions. Every aspect of a patient's lifestyle must be addressed and actively managed for best results.   

Qi Gong & Meditation

Dr. Megan is specially trained in the forms of; Eight Treasures Qi Gong, Infinichi, and silent or guided meditation. These stress-reducing and energy enhancing exercises are of great benefit to all patients, especially those with busy and stressed lifestyles. These modalities promote healthy aging, stress reduction, better focus, increased energy and better wellbeing overall. They may be recommended as part of your treatment protocol.

Facial Rejuvenation & Skin Care

Part of over-all health is feeling good about oneself, on the inside and the outside. Facial acupuncture is a way to make one look and feel their best. Tiny needles are inserted into trouble areas to help stimulate collagen production, muscle strength & to encourage tissue repair. This treatment stimulates repair at the cellular level, reducing blemishes, spots, & wrinkles without surgery.

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