Our 7 Day Vitamin Pack solves all of your day-to-day pill needs! Each day has its very own compartment for the easy management of up to 25 pills.
This vitamin organizer is perfect for vacations since it has seven separate sections for each day of the week.
Each section has its own snap-shut compartment to make it easier to dispense one day's worth of pills without the rest of them spilling out.
·         Seven separate compartments can be used for the seven days of the week or seven varieties of tablets
·         Lid labels help to easily identify the compartment contents
·         Each compartment can hold up to 25 pills, 175 total tablets
·         Label fits into the top of the lid for identification of contents
·         Snaps securely closed
Shipping Weight:      4.80 oz
Dimensions: 6.10"L X 2.60"W X 1.10"H

Vitamin Pack

SKU: DH10126

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