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Gorgeous clear design allows you to see what your drinking, innovative built in strainer leaves particles in the pot allowing you to enjoy cup after cup with no loose leaves in your mouth. Don't forget to buy some raw Chrysanthemum or Longan Fruit to add into the pot or any of the other delicious raw tonic herbs. Or how about some blooming flower tea to WOW your friends. Tea lights are available to purchase separately to keep tea warm for hours.

Glass Tea Elixir Maker 20oz/600mL
• From stovetop to desktop
• Heat resistant glass can be set on an open flame
• Great for loose leaf teas, flowers, fruits and herbs
• The stainless steel strainer lets your botanicals fully expand and freely dance inside the pot
• Easily monitored, instantly admired.
Diameter:         4” (10.16 cm)
Height:             4 1/2” (11.43 cm)
Weight:            1.5 lbs.
Capacity:          2.5 cups/20 oz. (600 mL)
• Gas and electric stove safe. Low to medium power only.
• Freeze

Small Glass Tea & Elixir Maker

SKU: DH8314
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