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Gecko Rockclimber is a maximum potency tonic formulation perfectly suited to those wishing to increase muscle mass without resorting to drugs or anabolic steroids. It is used by world class athletes in a wide variety of sports, and has been used by world-record holding athletes in a number of sports. Of course, it is perfectly suited to anyone who works out or participates in athletic activities. Gecko Rockclimber is designed for those wishing to strengthen the skeletal and muscular systems, or for those experiencing weakening and/or withering of muscle and skeletal tissue. As a true Yang tonic, this formula is a perfect tonic to the sexual organs.
Gecko Rockclimber has a very warm, Yang quality, so it may need to be combined with Yin herbs such as American Ginseng, Dendrobium (Healers Tea), He Shou Wu, Gynostemma (either alone or as Spring Dragon Longevity Tea), to help balance one’s overall energetics.
Gecko is used to tonify the Lung and Kidney functions.

Gecko Rockclimber Drops

SKU: DH018
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