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Ron Teeguarden's famous Spring Dragon longevity tea is a steal at only $10.00 a box. Each tea bag can be used 3x's for a total of 60 cups of tea per box! This one of a kind tea is special in so many ways, one SIP and you'll be hooked. It's full of adaptogenic tonic herbs that give you a boost if your're feeling down, but help you relax if your're too wired. It's really a one of a kind special treat you'll find yourself unable to live without. Caffeine free and full of health.
A Double-Direction Regulating Tea

Spring Dragon Longevity Tea™ is a delicious herbal tea composed of the most famous tonic herbs in the Orient, all of which are renowned for promoting a long and healthy life. The main herb is Gynostemma, a green leafy herb that is consumed throughout Asia to promote overall health. Gynostemma has a strong antifatigue effect*. In Asia, it is consumed by tens of millions of people every day, often in place of tea or coffee. Used for athletes to replenish and regulate fluids lost

Spring Dragon Tea

SKU: DH601
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